Friday, October 15, 2004

Signs of the times...

Stealing signs supporting political candidates seems like one of the worst forms of censorship. So far, we've had four signs stolen from our front yard. We live in a neighborhood that is strongly tilted to one party and the signs supported a candidate for another party, but it doesn't really matter which one is which. Both sides are capable of censorship by vandalism and no party can claim the moral high ground for its members.

Still, it seems remarkably unAmerican to steal these signs. Having four signs stolen made me angry enough to order 10 signs from an eCommerce site so I'd have enough to keep replacing signs as they disappeared.

Those of us who remain moderates are quickly being pushed toward the edges by the actions of the pre-polarized. I find myself playing devil's advocate to others who share my taste in candidates, saying, "well, the other guy isn't all THAT bad..." while they are busy demonizing a particular candidate and his running mate, mate, and family.

America will survive this election and may be stronger for the trial. But it sure would be nice to find a way to return to the days of a kinder, gentler America where Presidents could unify as well as divide.

My best -- Cogit8tor


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So true. It's not right to steal even if you don't agree with the opinion. Very black ang white... but sometimes thats the way things are.

8:48 PM  

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