Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Powerful Music of Freedom

Our church choir is learning Tshotsholoza, a south African song of freedom and liberation.

The link on the song name above points to a recording by the men of the Florida State University Chamber Choir. It's simultaneously wistful and uplifting.

The words to the song mean:

Buck up! Hey train, bore your way through the mountains from Rhodesia. Keep running through the mountains from Rhodesia.

The song originally referred to Blacks in Rhodesia who hid themselves on trains at their peril to find work in South Africa. It came to be sung as part of the freedom movement in South Africa.


Blogger the reverend mommy said...

My favorite piece is "Senzenina." It's an outcry -- a lament for having dark skin in a society that prefers pale skin. It basically repeats the phrase "What have we done?" over and over. But the harmony is breathtaking. There are many, many verses, but I cannot locate them via the web today. Hans Zimmer used it in 1992 on the album "The Power of One."

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